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Placing Orders

Learn how to submit orders on MF.

Creating an Order

There are a few places where you can start an order.

  • From the Catalogue, click on any product that you require.
  • From Saved Products, these are products which you have saved for reorders.

Ordering With Employee Name List (MF promode)

Placing an order from an employee database allows you to quickly place an order for your entire team.

Download the employee database template

  1. Download the template.
  2. Do not change formatting or any items in the first row.
  3. Name tag details can be entered into “Tag1”
  4. Please keep names within 20 characters (inclusive of spaces).
  5. For additional tags, you may create a new column after “Tag1” and name it “Tag2”
  6. Alteration requirements can be keyed in under “Note”


Uploading Employee Database to place order

Ensure that the file is saved as .csv and do not change any values of the first row.

  1. Find the product that you require and click on it
  2. Click design
  3. Once at the product page, turn on “MF Pro” mode [this is only enabled for paid users].
  4. Upload your template.
  5. Double check your product details. Errors will be flagged out under “invalid items”.